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Originally Posted by Slinky View Post
Thanks for the reply Ted.

I closed the gap up to about 2.5mm and have loads more pull in the magnets to the core but no change elsewhere.

The layout is based on Daftman's layout here:
YouTube - theDaftman's Channel

I left the neon connected to annode of the 1n4007 like the SSG patent but Daftman has it to the cathode. Is there any difference here?

Also when wiring up the coil to the circuit on the board, he clearly states start and end of the windings. Would I be right in assuming the start is the inside of the coil and the end is the outside - clockwise winding if looked down upon - generates a north magnetic field out the top when battery negative is to the start of winding and battery positive is to the end of the winding?

If so then how is the wheels north magnet attracted to the north of the coil if opposites attract? Is because there is no north until the magnet induces a charge?

The step by step breakdown by shamus and seph earlier in this thread was really helpful for my understanding, however i'm still unsure when my coil should be energized in relation to the magnet and what polarity. Anyone got a link for a detailed flow breakdown, does the radiant come after the collapse or is the collapse considered the radiant?

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The good people found here will help you get it going step by step. schematic is on the home page:
Bedini_Monopole3 : Bedini_Monopole3
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