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Originally Posted by Joit View Post
Well, not sure about the Gap, Ted.
I did change the Distance sometimes a bit, and it did run better when it was not to close.
Its somehow strange at this Motor, but the Impuls comes from the Batterie,
and with the right Gap i could get higher RPM and lower drain from the Source.
I guess, its maybe different for each Build, and you should measure all time,
wich one works better, in- and output.
That's a different situation. Slinky was wondering why his rig didn't work. I was saying that with a gap as big as his, there wouldn't be enough signal induced by the magnets passing the coil to drive his transistor.
BTW, top speed of a motor has nothing to do with the efficiency of the motor. I realize the SG isn't used as a motor, but the principal still applies. Speed has to do with back EMF induced into the stator coil by the passing magnet. This would decrease with a wider gap and consequently the speed would increase.
This is also why an increase in voltage increases the speed. The rotor has to travel faster in order to generate enough BEMF to equal the voltage level in the stator.
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