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in need of help

Firstly, huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to this and the other schoolgirl threads. I have really enjoyed reading the developments.
I was hoping I would have a working model by the time I ran out of bedini stuff to read and watch but alas, failure upon failure for an embarrassingly long time.
So what is the longest ot took for anyone to get an ssg working?

It was kinda funny at first and I just took it on the chin in the name of learning, now i'm just super frustrated, all of my growing confidence in electronics has been shattered.
I tried the imhotep fan also, many, many times but no config of winding and stator would do it for me and no one seems to have documented winding in relation to stator configuration in a clear way, I would try if I understood and could replicate.

This is roundabout my 5th effort and I have some larger ferrite magnets and bmx wheel and plastic glue on its way for one last ditch effort as near as I can to the tried and tested spec of magnets and coils.

The rest of the pics are here, just so I don't spam this thread with a ton crappy pics.
Picasa Web Albums - 10121820862114308... - SSG

57.3 ohm resistor
1.5k ohm 50w pot
diodes are 1n4007 and 1n4001
Magnets are 6.5mm x 4.5mm x 11mm triple stacked

Coil is 300 turns bifiliar 20 and 26 swg, north at the top when positive at end of wrap and negative at the start (inside)

Pair of 6v 1.2ah batteries for primary and secondary, primary measure 12.5v, charge battery pair is 6.7

I get a swift neon flash when connecting leads on and off here and there, wheel just spin freely for about 30 seconds til stop. I thought borrowing a scope to see what was going on would help but I think all i get is 0.2v interfered sine wave of the collector when I spin the wheel.
I wish I had enough action going on to worry about burning transistors, once would be kinda re-assuring that I had a coil collapse

Cheers again, this and a couple other threads are the only thing that kept my interest throughout the fails
Any help is most appreciated, I got a happy dance pent up for far too long
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