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it not make sense.
i told, i help those who want to build it and want to work with this.

I'm not giving this for free!

i told before, i spend lot of years to find the right way! if you don't listen then this is your problem, but all what i can say - sooner or later you get on this. and then you remember what I'm saying! You don't even a try to understand, think little bit - how this and how that can be. try to do something and not waiting for somebody who does it for you!

And last...
there are 3 things who driving FE Device - all those are important, and without all 3 factors together - you cannot get anything!
See Kapanadze videos, search, learn, try and experiment - i just want to put on different direction, while i see everybody going in deep hell with wrong information.

AND DON'T TAKE ENERGY DIRECTLY FROM THE COIL - Don smith is layer- bedini and bearden talking about Energy From The Vacuum - but all what they are doing is converting one type energy to other and burning Electrons!

I'm sick of this to see this misinformation and garbage who claims about free energy devices.
There only Two Guys who successful build it Kapanadze (Georgia) and SR (Russia) and many others who don't want popularity!

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