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thanks, blackchisel97 for the wake up call, Its clear there is no turn key path to a system that truly works via a plans and kit approach. I spent $47 for the platinum package under the assumption I was receiving plans to build a system that will run my home. clearly the amount of information therein is worth the money, I waste more than that in any experiment I do, but I do feel I was lead to believe I was receiving something else. after reading your post, I now understand the years of experimenting,the cost and so on. he went through to get here, I also was led to believe this was all about changing the world. all things in this world are commerce and nothing more. I am studying sovereignty, I have learned one thing about the concept, commerce,commerce, that is the name of the game,big fish eat little fish, I propose we teach little fish to eat big fish. with that said, here is my base line. I am building a boat in my front yard. I need to build a 24VDC charging system,is it possible for some folks herein to work on said system without the cost loss, to arrive at a print for a 24vsc/SG that every one could benifit from
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