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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
An Army officer who invited his own court-martial to resolve for the nation questions about Barack Obama's eligibility to be president has waived a preliminary hearing in his case.
Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who refused orders from a chain of command led by Obama, also today released a new video explaining why documentation needs to be released by Obama that could confirm that he qualifies to be president under the Constitution's demand that the office by held only by a "natural born citizen."
Lakin was scheduled for an Article 32 military hearing yesterday, the equivalent of a civilian preliminary hearing in a court case. But Daniel J. Driscoll, an Army hearing officer, had banned Lakin from bringing in evidence about Obama's birth as well as testimony from Hawaii officials who may have information on the subject.

In a new video, Terry Lakin brings us up to date as to what is going on:
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
If both parents are U.S. citizens and birth occurred on U.S. soil then a newborn is natural U.S. citizen.
This defense will not work unless,
his attorneys can prove that
Lakin did not disobey orders of direct superior ,
case closed.
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