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The key factor may be the driver transformers!!!!!!!!! in the original circuit.....The currents can be very confusing as they take place in semiconductors.
Can anyone extend what Bedini was trying to convey with these statements?
This is real simple to understand if you think about it for one minute. One thing you need to look at is the negistor by JL Naudin. Bedini said in that very same post this is what is happening but Naudin is not catching the power.
I am not sure how Mr John is doing it but....
If you look at a circiut like the Big Joule Thief (See thread for original schematic). You can set this type of circiut into resonance.
If you disregard the Bridged output of the circiut and you use the the DIODE output to discharge into a large capacitor. This will induce the oscilation to grow. IE a negistor effect.
Initially you will see a very short oscillation but it will grow, like the negistor.
The positive part of the oscillation is created from the power we put in and run through the coil. The negative part of the oscillation comes from the the transistor turning off. It goes Negative.
This creates a large potential difference in the capacitor. That can be discharged and stepped down to proportionate levels of voltage creates lots of amperage.
For the most part it is simple to understand and see the concept. The hard part is to drive the setup in a fashion that will continually put out with out long period of growth. You gotta find the balance or find the driving mechanism to increase the production.

If you still stumped as to what I am saying I'll draw some picture and set a small thing up and film it.

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