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Ah ok. Sorry I don't get back here more often. The switch I setup outputs 24volts at whatever current based on tuning. It uses 6 batteries at 12 volts each in two banks of 3 batts. The outputs I'm running thru some slightly modified 50va trafos and the 220volt output from the two trafos in series is almost dead on square wave with the way its setup now. I'm currently playing with cap sizes... as I made my iteration so that its a 4 slice controller thats sequential, T1 and T3 were the off timers and T2 and T4 are the ON timers. The caps charge pretty fast, similar to bedinis hyper charging effect from the SG or SS SG.

Do you have a schematic for your two cap pulser?

I'm also thinking to output the 220v into a 120v primary that outputs 600v but should be a good bit higher than that with the square wave being pushed into it.

Take care man,

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Thanks Gene, yes I have seen that, in fact I have even held brandt's switch in my hands that he gave to John back in 84 when I visited John back in March. The relays I am showing on my drawing are just to show how I am going to pull the batts in and out of the circuit. The Digital Tesla Switch uses the batts to charge one another and does a nice job of that. The problem though is when you are wanting to drive bigger loads. I want 24V and the capability to draw a continious 10 Amps. This is why I am using individual cap pulsers on each batt so I can recover the batts faster.

Thanks again

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