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Originally Posted by synchro View Post
Finally back to the shop after 2 years in South America. Located my video camera too. Look foward to some new video's soon!
Hi synchro.This is great news.You must have been frustrated at not being able to try out all your great idea's but you shared them anyway It sounds like your going to make up for lost time in the shop but i must admit you have contributed to the experiments here greatly and i can't wait to see what you come up with..Jonny
@all.I have been focusing on SEC exciter variant circuits recently and i combined the two technologies,motor and exciter and forgot to post this vid here which i will now rectify.I am getting some very interesting effects with this "One magnet Bedini exciter" one being the motor self starts and purple plasma from the exciter.The self starting is not shown in the vid as it is a recent discovery but i will show this in some future vids.Jonny
YouTube - One magnet Bedini exciter
This vid is without the rotor spinning but shows the plasma and a couple of circuit mods.
YouTube - Bedini SEC Plasma Propulsion
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