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Hi All!
What a totally fascinating discussion here -- (I just spent my morning coffee time looking through all of these posts!)

This is an INCREDIBLE module!! FAST FAST FAST!

My story ..... I emailed PATHS - told them what I wanted - and they suggested I change into the Synchronicity module.
I did - and I played it for the 1st time last night - about 12:15 am! BEFORE I was even through with the entire theatre ---I got a SKYPE about a conference phone call that I'd soooo been looking forward to!
I was laughing hysterically as I got on, as the Syncronicity was just tooooo incredible!! (as luck would have it - my mic wouldn't work - so I just listened and sent the occassional chat!) But it was fantastic to actually hear the voices that I've been reading here the last couple of months!

So - I'm totally into this module! I'm a firm believer that what we totally create our own reality by our thoughts - so - altho I can't create in anyone elses experience (thank god !) I can create in my own - and I have proven this to myself over and over the last few years.

Now I'm going back to watch my Theatre again -- hmmm - wonder what will interrupt me this time !!

Vineyard Nancy
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