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Taking stock at the six month mark

I have been doing PATHS for six months. It has been an extraordinary journey so far, albeit - I won't lie - a difficult one at times.

I was going to write a long and detailed post about my results so far, but decided to share this simple story with you instead:

The other day, I was walking through a shopping centre, and my eye was drawn to a dark-haired woman striding briskly in my direction. The impression I got was of a happy, confident, bright-eyed person, clearly on her way to doing something important, and for a second I thought with a pang of envy, "I wanna be just like her!"

Then I realised that I had actually caught sight of myself in a mirror.

In other words, that woman was me. I was absolutely flabbergasted.

To say that I've "changed" as a person would be wrong. I feel strongly that I have not really "changed," I am simply becoming the person I was always meant to be. If this is what I'm like after six months, then what am I going to be like after a year, or two years?

I'll post again then, and let you all know.

Nice work, PATHS!
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