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Thanx Bit's & Vissie

Hi Team,

Sorry about the OT posts, couldn't help myself.

Just wanted to say thanx to Bit's and Vissie for their ideas. I read through the last 4-5 pages of the thread for inspiration.

I have Vissie's circuit running with just 2 capacitors, just like Bit's video. Early days, but charging is outta sight and similar to what Bit's showed us. This is just with a trifilar SS SSG for the radiant input (one transistor )

I only have it bread-boarded for now and no PNP driver trannys yet, just the cap and diode over the opto output.

Draw current from lab p/s is steady on ~150mA @12V, charge pulses are ~400mA @~14V. 50% d/c

Charge battery is up from 12.7V to ~13.9V in about 10 minutes

Gotta go, F1 GP is about to start. (Yes, I'm a rev head )

John K.
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