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Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
On my ranch (S.Cal) the soil is alkali with ph levels ranging between 7-9 I till in Ag sulfur to help with the ph, but this doesn't help with available minerals.
I keep goats and will soon be adding chickens to the mix, the goats keep a steady supply of manure (poop and wasted alfalfa) going to the compost heap, this with the weeds and trimmings from the gardens and a little of my neighbors horse poop makes for some pretty good compost, still mineral challenged.
Every month or so my lady friend and I take the truck and head for a day at the beach, we spend the day gathering up the kelp (sea weed) that has washed ashore usually 3-4 trash bags full. At home we add this into the compost and turn it in, I'm sure this remedies the mineral problem, since we started this our gardens produce huge amounts of the best tasting fruits,veggies and berries and in bumper quantities.
I haven't had the soil mix tested and don't see a need to do so, but if you have an ocean within reach I suggest you gather the sea weed for your garden.


For info: Kelp contains something like 62 different minerals - I've seen some sites quote up to 90 minerals, but from the info I’ve seen on sonic bloom I’ve only seen 62 minerals.

The way it’s used sure does get results.

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