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Hi moi2007,

Here are some links that you might find interesting.

About RDT

PATHS Stem Cell module and SCI

Diabetes Super Module is here...

I just have to share this!

PATHS and Diabetes-AMAZING!

The company has not published any controlled scientific studies. However, when you read about my tests I have done on myself with the diabetes, those are absolute facts. You cannot get much more objective than a blood test result.

Also, go to the following is an example...all of the modules have a full description indicating whether or not the changes are permanent.

Full Description of Goals module

Duration of Use:

Effective Goal Setting and Achievement helps form new habits and behaviors that can often be internalized after only 60-90 days, providing long-lasting benefits and lifestyle changes.

Check out each module, they all have an notation like that addressing whether the changes are permanent.

Have Fun!

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