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Originally Posted by Jules Tresor View Post
I am sorry, nothing against you.
Look at what Bedini has disclosed in 30 years, all his motors, that not really many people have got OU from, and watch the DVD 12 "Petrovoltaics" and you will see what he kept secret for 30 years, as an humanitarian ...

Negative resistor and negative oscillators made from processed stones. He says in this DVD that it's how Moray was making is "valves" on his 50kW generator.
What he disclosed partially in this DVD is worth 1000 times what he disclosed during the last 30 years !

It's the direct access to unlimited negative energy !
Moray's generator was putting out 50 kW from such a small foot print.

He is getting old and is leaking out the big info, thanks god, we now are really talking about serious staff

Now he should come to the forums and groups to teach us how to build a Moray device, that would be really giving something worth it !

No more SSG, monopoles, cap charger or Tesla switch, but ether pump and converter.

Nothing against you either. Just stating the facts as I've seen them them.

John Bedini has already given us everything we need to know, you just have to figure out the rest with your own experiments as are the rest of us.

Everything you need is in your last sentence, maybe throw in some Tesla Impulse Technology and you have the whole picture. Research yourself on how to build a Moray device, don't wait for someone to give it to you on a platter. It ain't gonna happen like that.

I've seen all of the DVD's and also had the privilege to meet John in person and ask him about anything in his shop. He's not getting old, he's still right on top of his game, don't worry about that.

If you just build it like he says you will get the same results as I have. Then you put all of his ideas together and you have a system that can do some pretty amazing things.

John K.
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