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Look at what Bedini has disclosed in 30 years, all his motors, that not really many people have got OU from, and watch the DVD 12 "Petrovoltaics" and you will see what he kept secret for 30 years, as an humanitarian ...
Thats the peoples fault. Most just expect that plan is going to give you a miracle, no other work involved. Unfortunately thats not the way it works out.

And all that other stuff is his (JB) he has the right to do whatever he wants with it. Even keep it a secret.

This is one of the largest threads on these boards, chauk full of info, and most of it having to do with the technical aspect of the Tesla Switch, or some offshoots. I for one don't want to see that change.
There are threads on the chargers, and just about anything else out there.

I for one would appreciate the subject matter to pertain to the work and not everything else under the sun.

Thats just my opinion.
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