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Sorry it was 600 USD, not 700: 120 USd for French VTA in supplement. They stop big packages like that and charge you 19.6% VTA + Custom fees.

I bought a car battery charger for 60 USD at the supermarket, Bedini's at 600 USD, it's COP 10 for him.
I ordered a 24 V desulfator from Malaysia for 50 USD, including shipping, waiting for it. But at least it looks small and light. Don't know yet if it will work but they seem less "hungry" than Bedini.

Really my Bedini is VERY noisy. Imagine an old fridge compressor going wrong and making noise, and you have my Bedini charger
And the vibrations propagate very far. Have to say that I am living in a flat at present time.
I can't run the Bedini at night because the neighbors will complain, it's that simple. May be I got a defective one and others are not so noisy ...

My bicycle battery is new brand, 24V gel 7 Ah. I bought this bicycle with lead-acid batteries just to try the Bedini charger. So far so good, after may be 60 charging cycles (half with the Bedini charger) I notice no decrease in autonomy. Of course I have no double blind study, so I can't compare to the same bike used without a Bedini charger.

I am really deceived by this charger, especially at such a high price. But of course I might come back on my investment in 10 years after saving a few batteries from going to dump

But I found invaluable info in the DVDs series, and I learn a lot from Bedini disclosures on his motors and circuits. I love Mr Bedini, and I know that everyone is limited, so I forgive him for not disclosing his most "powerful" designs.
Actually it's not my responsibility if he conceals data that could save lifes, it's HIS I am just sad for those who could be helped with such knowledge.

This being said, please gentlemen, back to experiment, we have free electricity to produce !
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