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Thanks, I hate electronics, I have no patience for soldering

I am good to open my mouth loudly, to make contact in a township, I am good to organize manufacturing, project development, fund raising, and a few things useful like making website, selling online, learning languages ...

but NOT GOOD at making electronic circuits
I wish I was because it's the most powerful thing in this world, electronics are everywhere and do lots of things for sure

We are made different to be complementary, to share the work, 1 team of specialists is better than 1 multi-skilled guy.

Sorry I leave this part to specialists, but I can send money to whom can make me one. I'll be pleased to help that way !

Edit: my present hobby is transmutation, bacteria making gold ... quantities are very small now, but I hope one day I'll live on that.
Since I saw Bedini DVD 18, I am very interested to try his method, but need a 2500F oven, and that's expensive just for testing, I am not sure I can reproduce his process !

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