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Great videos :)

I see your pulses are decreasing when your battery got charged

Self regulating because the voltage on the battery get nearer to the cap's voltage, and the input pulses decrease because the cap discharges less in the battery, then its voltage is closer to the input voltage. Logical IMHO.

Bedini's show the same effect

I passed an order for the 10A one, the cheapest, still 465 USD, not including VTA ... Renaissance Charge - Intelligent Solutions to Premature Battery Failure

I was quite deceived by the Rennaissance RC-1AU-240, because it is VERY noisy. But it works for battery rejuvenating.
I use it on my electric bicycle, 24V battery, and it charges very slowly, like 1 A/hour ...
I was expecting more, but nevermind it's better than nothing.
It is also very heavy because of the 240V transformer, and costly for what it is, 700 USD with shipping and French VTA !

And now their prices have increased again !!! The Renaissance RC-1AU Universal Radiant Charger for Small Rechargeable Batteries (far to be humanitarians, they are "good" businessmen at least)

If you don't mind I prefer to order one experimental from you ! To test the results before
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