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Originally Posted by Xenomorph View Post

There is evidently a non-linear process involved.

Since all grids are conductively connected with each other, they share the same potential node regardless of their surface area.
It is remarkable however that the distance will be crossed at the voltages used in the circuit and that different distances occur.
The nature of this process is the true unknown part of the functionality.

When Tesla described his 'radial' Radiant Energy he said that the energy placed a charge on metal surfaces it passed through. If the same amount of radial energy goes through two grids they would have the same induced charge, but the voltages would be different due to the differing capacitive surface areas the charges occupy. THEN the potential transfers to the circuit through the grid leads. This transfer is longitudinal. I see no reason the grid potentials would equalize first since the inductive nature of the interconnecting lead(s) would introduce a time constant between two grids' discharges.

In reality, potential does propagate.
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