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RE: Minerals

Originally Posted by jeanna View Post
Hi Mart,

I know you are in the south on the east coast, and I also once lived on the east coast, and I would like to add that you have soil that is naturally very high in minerals and nutrients.
It is necessary to have the minerals added out here on the west coast, because the soil is not as full of minerals here.

I have no numbers to cite, but basically the land east of the appalachians is about 24 feet deep and full of sea bed minerals. There is a lot of iodine in the soil and of course calcium and magnesium.
It might be worth while paying for the test or at least researching the tests.

I just know most of the soils in the interior are depleted by farming practices and the soils out west were never very good to begin with.

My bet is that your worms will love it (if you can keep them from cooking) and your worm compost will be wonderful and very full of minerals.


P.S. If you do any testing, I would love to know the results!

I ordered the 50 Lb bag of glacial minerals and it came today. My first target is to combine some hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of sugar with some compost in a bag then toss in some minerals, then let that brew with a bubbler for about 24 hours. So far the worm compost has done excellent. To insure I get the minerals I have gone with goat whey minerals as a supplement.

I have heard that the minerals act like a catalyst for the bacteria in the compost heap think I will try mixing some in my next self watering containers and do a dusting on top of the ones I have now.

In my newest video I have tried to change the PH of water to acidic but the results were poor. I am thinking I shoud not of used standard table salt I should of used sea salt, which is an excellent source of minerals. Think I will try it again with a clean batch of water and sea salt.




I am in northern center of Florida.
See my experiments here...

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