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RE: direction.

Originally Posted by dllabarre View Post
does it matter if the Bedini SSG wheel spins clockwise or counter clockwise?
I have an Imotep converted fan charging batteries and it will run either direction.

Which is correct or doesn't it matter?

Interesting question. I have found that the rpms are different on which way you turn the fan. I have always went for the fastest rpm for the sharper pulse to the battery.

If you you have Energy from the Vacuum II in there Bedini demonstrates the 10 coiler. It seems that it ran better one way verses the other, as he stops it again and starts it the other way.

If you think about it the fans blade would move air in different way depending on direction of rotation so one way may have more drag than another.

I guess you have to ask your self what is your goal? Is is more air flow, is it the highest charge rate on the battery? Or is it the most efficient means of charging possible.

The goal you pick will determine which way to spin the fan blade, and how much resistance you add.
See my experiments here...

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