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soil fertilization

That dust looks like a good product. Just depends on what you want to pay.
If there are local gravel pits, they may just give you some fine mesh gravel
screenings for free. I haven't tried this myself but have read that others
have tried it.

I'm looking at doing a worm bin next or just putting them right on my garden.
Someone at a popular earthworm farm I talked to said they'd just go deeper
when it is cold enough and will surface when it warms up. My concern was
killing them off from the cold winter temps.

They can also double in population in 3-6 months. 10 worms per square
foot is what he recommended. I found some 1 pound containers of worms
for around $21-25 - should have about 1000 worms in a pound - the skinny
red wigglers. Not sure if I'll go with those or the larger ones that are about
250 per pound.
Aaron Murakami

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