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To the contrary - my circuit is within arms reach as is the new coil I have wound

There should be no need to try and read between any lines, the facts relating to our tests are available for everyone to evaluate. I have asked for others to evaluate them and offer their analysis but to date none have come forward with such. That request stands in perpetuity.

Why the South African team is closed lipped with their research I can't say. All I know is that Aaron, Glen and Myself have presented Months of results for others to benefit from while we get nothing from Donny, His 'partner(s)' or the universities they are associated with regarding the testing and data gathering. Even the data from 2002 would be helpful, at least then we would know if we are truly replicating something or forging new ground. Judging from the waveforms in the patent applications, I would have to say it is the latter - but with absolutely nothing to compare it to but some vague memory of events 8 years ago who really knows? I even contacted ABB of South Carolina - they have no record of anything related to this. Perhaps I had the wrong ABB, who knows.

So I take the view that if enough of us try this thing, surely someone will stumble on the same recipe they had in 2002 and get that huge 1700% output. It would be a shame for it to get archived with Bessler do to lack of interest. Please don't let my apathy and lack of ambition influence you. While I always keep an open mind and allow any person to present their argument to alter my perception of this reality in which we live, I must still have some evidence or sound logic to convince me to change what I know. Thus far, on this project, both have failed to materialize to my satisfaction - and many will tell you that I am rather easily persuaded.

So, as you may be able to tell, I am in no rush as I await the results from team in South Africa and look forward to their success.

Personally, I am not interested in making heat as there seems to be better ways to do that. But if there is extra energy in this that manifests as increased voltage in the BEMF spike, over and above that stored during the inductive charge, then I should like to identify it and put it to work. That will be my goal when and if I resume my tests. For now, I am running simulations on it to have a comparison to work against.


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