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Originally Posted by nvisser View Post
Thanks, it makes sense
I just wonder why Jb ask in the video "What do you think the gain of this system is?" and then he shows the input of 17.7V @ 3.2A (56W) and then the output of about 14V @10A pulses. (140W). The voltage output could even be much higher but are pulled down to the current battery voltage and of course they are much shorter pulses than the input pulses.
How many apples can you get out of an orange? I think you would actually have to take the area under the curve to get the power in vs. power out, the meters are measuring wasted energy...I think JB said that. Anyway, it is not a one to one comparison and the 10As the meter was showing isn't a "true" measurement either, but the charger works...that is the point of the exercise and I'm sure those chargers will charge the hell out of the battery, so it is a mute point what the power in vs. out is/was. Made for a nice show though.

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