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Originally Posted by StevanC View Post
JohnK, stonewater, Lero, Genessc JangYD and other respected fellow researchers.

It's been quite a while.
To avoid being dull or boring, pick some questions
Hi StevanC,

I do still read this occasionally, and you do some nice work!

Pick some questions....Ok, and maybe a comment too.

I can not pick specific parts on the diagram you drew, because there are no part numbers, so describing it may be the best way.

Disclaimer: The questions below are not intended in any way as a criticism but only intended to help facilitate my understanding and to find out why you did what you did.

You decided to totally disconnect the capacitor banks from the power supply by using two additional "switches", i.e. the top capacitor (bank) positive is not directly connected to the power supply, but through a switch (the one to the 4th opto down from the top (or first one on the "red" led), and the the "switch" leading to the 7th opto down from top (or 4th one on the "red" led) which connects the negative of the lower cap bank to the negative of the power supply. 1. I was wondering why you thought you "needed" to do this? From a solar panel perspective, if you were charging some huge capacitor, I can see that when the discharging of the series capacitors is happening, the power supply capacitor could be charging and that would be a good thing. 2. Could you not have just used the top "switch" to disconnect the top cap bank from the power supply and connected the bottom cap bank directly to the negative of the power supply, thus reducing part count? 3. Do you think the capacitor banks need to be charged to the exact same level or something? 4. Are these "switches" I am speaking of above utilized as an attempt at a totally open looped system (i.e. negatives (and positives) of power supply and output are never connected at the same time)?

Thank you for your post and I await your thoughts!


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