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Arrow FET vs BJT

Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
Very nice piece of work Stevan
It reminds me of John's patent, the one I had persistent thoughts about
I even made some changes and replaced Mosfets with MJL's (don't like mosfets) but didn't attempt to build yet and didn't share the circuit because it is modification of John's patent. I believe it is from 2003.

AS You can see, i quit "thinking" and lumped together what we did know/try:
each and every "switch" got a "driver" and each "driver" got a "opto".

But troubleshooting was really a nightmare, so I put LEDs in series to each opto-driver.

Then i could literally "see" current, and it was all clear to me:
When JB says "it's in the switching"
I believe it is in the A in to A out ratio:
Get it maxed out:
1A in -> 40A out
but on 48%/2%/48%/2% schedule
(the 2% deat time, for our switches are "imperfect" (=material, "real", and limited) )

An "ideal" switch would do:
1A -> infinite A
50% 50%
and probably ope an singularity:

I'm out ^ of here

FETs would need a separate 10V DC supply or each device (=nightmare)
Stevan C.
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