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Originally Posted by StevanC View Post
JohnK, stonewater, Lero, Genessc JangYD and other respected fellow researchers.

It's been quite a while.
To avoid being dull or boring, pick some questions, watch the vids on YT:
And i will follow up.
I do have a "kind of" TS PV Amp
1. It's unofficial
2. It's officially unsupported
3. my work is GPL, but I hereby ask JB's permission before going public.
4. private copies are permissible under non disclosure conditions only (free of charge)

Schematics I used are my own brainfart, but are strongly biased with what JB thought us here.

No guarantee, not fitness for particular application, (GPL "blah, blah"...)
Use at own risk, don't dare blame me etc...

anyone still reading?
I'm reading, definitely interested. Could you upload a higher resolution picture of your schematics. The component values are blurry. Especially on the first one.
Edit: Also your video show TL494, but schematic shows SG3525. Why did you switch?


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