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Ben's gift inspire me this. This design require two relay with 4 parallel contact such as FRM3-4B5. It is based from Ronald Brandt version in "report on 4 battery switch".

All the switch (S1 to S6) should closed/gated/turned on when the appropriate relay turned on.
Relay 1 control S1, S3 and S6. Relay 2 control S2, S4 and S5. Relay is powered by source battery.

To comform to C20 charging/discharging, resistor is put in the negative part, maybe a coil would be better.

resistor value is = battery voltage * 20 / battery capacity

example = 24V * 20 / 7A
example = 68.5 ohm

If longer delay time is needed, capacitor can be added in parallel with the relay coil. Power consumption will depend on relay power consumption.

Edit: capacitor should not be added to the second relay because it will produce all relay on condition, my mistakes.

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