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Originally Posted by nvisser View Post
Welcome back Vtech. You should go to the nearest PC repair shop and ask for old PC power supplies. They got nice shottkey diodes on the outputs.

Gene. You are correct. The cap bank pulse output to the battery is very quick and the panel meter does not show it properly. I used a cheap Suzuki bike plus minus 30A ammeter. It respond very quickly and will show you what happens on the output. You will be surprised!!
Hello Vissie I did check local repair shops a few times in the past few weeks and got 1 (one) Found another on the curb, salvaged two diodes. I found a guy in Quebec who has 90 of them (S20SC9M) at $1.45 plus $3 shipping for 15. They're common cathode, 90V 20A. Should arrive next week. Your suggestion with + - ammeter is right on. I used similar and it gives a good idea what's going on.

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