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Hi Inquorate,

I checked out the vid you referenced, but I couldn't really follow what it was you were doing. The schematic on that vid looked sorta like a tesla switch but with the transistor and a coil on the emitter side of it in the path from the high + to the Low + of the battery acting as the parallel stack in your setup.

I've still been working at the replica of the bedini solar charger thing. I still can't get the higher output amps noted over the input amps. I have some 39000uF 35volt caps coming that are about the last thing I can think to try on that before I convert my controller to do the tesla switch switching. Maybe next week I'll get to that. It seems that from some exchanges with Stevan that the output amps pulse is over before the meter needle ever climbs as high as it shows... almost like its the inertia of the pulse pushing the needle up that high as opposed to the actual amp pulse discharge. I'm just speculating as I'm running out of ideas as to how that is being achieved. He is charging in parallel and discharging in series. I'm using the same timing of on for .485seconds and off for .005seconds and on for another .485seconds and off for .005seconds and then the whole cycle repeats. I'm using 1farad 20vdc rated audio caps for cars as my two caps that are being filled and then discharged. I get roughly a 2:1 amp inpututput. Input maxes at 3amps, output maxes at 2amps. (little higher than 2:1 currently.)

Sounds like Matts had some decent runs with his setup of the TS. I don't have any batteries that big... ah well... Will update this thread again when I have something useful to report...

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