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However, now that we know know that our thoughts can influence health and DNA why not try to visualize new cartilage forming? That would be an interesting experience if you combined the LED therapy along with visualization techniques. It certainly couldn't hurt to try. And if you ask some of us to add our thoughts to yours to form a customized Intention Experiment, who knows what will happen? I don't consider myself a healer, but you can count on my participation.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the offer Athena, it sounds almost like a group meditation type of excersize.I have read some amazing things about similar excersizes so it certainly couldn't do any harm.
Being a healer would help but any good intentions would be greatly appreciated !
By the way as a weird coincidence I already use visualization techniques in the exact way you suggested.
When I was told I'd never walk again because of a knee injury the visualisation technique worked for me then, so I have no doubt it works.
I was looking into an infrared spotlight array kit of LEDs for the light,but Aarons suggestion of sourcing an automobile type from a junk yard will more than likely be cheaper, the next project will be PIC based system to pulse the light .
It's another coincidence what Aaron mentioned about Pauling and the vitamin C connection, I have an old book by a naturopath - Dorothy Hall who strongly recommends vitamin C for tissue repair and I also love my Qi Gong.
Thanks again.
Whoops it seems I've deleted the opening parenthisis of Athenas' Quote

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