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No answer yet from Glen? In the absence of such I'll assume it's OK. I'll try and get these posted over the weekend if I can't manage it sooner.

I've had a bit of a set back and am still smarting. The Professor who I wrote to, above, is a phsycist. He advised me that he simply 'does not believe' that we acheived those numbers. He stated that we've made a 'measurements' error and it is entirely 'improbable' that the test results are anything like the disclosed.

I countered that - in the event there was a 'clear' error in measurement then this would have been seen by the electrical engineering experts and that they would not have hesitated to point it out to us. I advised him that their expertise in measurement is greater than his own. He conceded this. Nonetheless. He is ADAMANT. There MUST be a measurements error. He BELIEVES that there is a measurements error. On this basis he will NOT do anything at all to recommend the advancement of the technology.

It seems that 'belief' is still the predominant factor in the evaluation of ANYTHING AT ALL. I had the dubious satisfaction of stating that this is NOT SCIENTIFIC based as it is on 'belief'. He put the phone down on me.

I shall complain about this attitude to the Dean of the Faculty and to the Assistant Registrar of the university. Personally I think this attitude is a disgrace and it should NOT BE ADVANCED BY ANY ACADEMIC PURPORTING TO TEACH SCIENCE. Surely there is some moral imperative that experimental evidence is still the 'acid test' of science.