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Cartilage can be regenerated if it is not too far gone.

One study done years ago was with rabbits - tendons were severed and
reattached. The tendons were treated with red light and after healed, the
rabbits were sacrificed. The tendons that were cut and reattached and
healed with red light were STRONGER than untouched tendons. It took more
pounds of pull to tear them when they were treated with red light. That isn't
cartilage, but goes to show that tissue type can be strongly regenerated.

There might be some collagen study abstracts in PubMed home in
relation to red light therapy.

There are cartilage studies too but I don't recall off hand. Collagen is from
the ascorbic acid and hyaluronic acid is the "mortar" that bonds the collagen
together. If you study "ground substance" from Linus Pauling and Ewan
Cameron, they give the best science on collagen - mostly from that
cancer treatment standpoint but it applies elsewhere.

Both Dr. McGee that I worked with and my Qigong master friend Rodger
both knew Pauling and Cameron so I was immersed in the collagen rebuilding
methods - but mostly for reversing cancer because that is what most
people coming to Rodger's house was there for. Rodger seemed to be
more interested in the vitamin c connection that McGee.
Aaron Murakami

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