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red light therapy

Originally Posted by Athena View Post
Aaron, what about the red lights for skin rejuvenation, to stimulate collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles---do you know of anybody that has used the lights for this with good results?
Hi Athena,

Yes, it does help to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduces wrinkles.

Years ago when we started to get some serious coverage, Dr. Susan Lark,
one of the leading women's health MD's did a feature article about our
lights and the benefits for balancing hormones and I believe skin rejuvenation.
The red and infrared work great for this.

I would use the red/ir light - honestly you could get a red tail light from
a junkyard, hook it to a battery and that is all you need (except it won't
be pulsing) - red led's from radioshack, etc... red light is red light for the
most part. It helps to have some descent intensity so multiple red led's
at minimum. Shine it on the wrinkles for 5-15 minutes at a time three times
a day.

There are some pretty cheap red light panels these days that can be
bought at many different places. You'd have to use them as steady red
light sources and not pulsed but if anyone can make the electronics for
you, it will be a small fraction of the price the ones go for that have the
legitimate frequencies. I just wish those panels came in red and infrared
combo - that would be the ultimate but I haven't found it yet.

Mostly just red or red and blue for the purpose of growing plants.

They're cheap enough that I can get good size panels and do what I've
wanted to do for a long time. I have a 2-3 person infrared sauna in my
garage. I want to line the inside side walls with red led panels to give
that treatment while sitting inside. I will hook them up to a control panel
that does give me the tissue resonant frequencies.

If you can get the electrons to pulse the red lights, 292Hz is the frequency
you want for skin rejuvenation - otherwise, just use steady red light.

If there are any acne issues, then add blue light to the red/infrared.
Aaron Murakami

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