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red light therapy

We had the units manufactured. This is what they looked like:
Top o' the Line Total Health Shoppe, 809 W. Garland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205 - Spokane vitamin, minerals, herbs and more!
I don't have them available through that site anymore.

I've seen everything from tumors shrinking and disappearing
to super fast cut healing. They can balance hormones, speed
bone repair and rejuvenate various organ functioning. The red
light has even reversed macular degeneration.

I do have plans to release some light therapy devices in the future
that will have a few twists that I don't think anyone has seen yet.

They work great with tendinitis and arthritis. I'd use a good concentration
of the red and ir led's on a panel and put them over the painful areas.
Steady (non-pulsed) is fine. That is what the military is using (non-pulsed).

But, if you can do the electronics for it, pain treatment is 4672Hz. Do that
for 15-20 minutes then follow up with mesoderm tissue frequency for
bones, muscles and connective tissues. Mesoderm tissue frequency is
1168Hz for another 15-20 minutes. Three times a day for a few days should
show great improvement.

It is important to follow up with the actual treatment frequency and not
just pain. Was found out with some very, very expensive race horses that
the pain would get treated then the horses would run around not feeling
the pain and would cause more damage.
Aaron Murakami

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