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Two Foot Leads

Ash, could you double check on the leads needing to be at least two feet long? Rosemary told me verbally that none of her leads were ever longer than 12 inches. But Glen's are quite a bit longer than two feet.

The inductance of the lead wires definitely play a part in the observed waveforms. However, they also may be part of the reason that so many of our tests did not show the gains because that inductance is directly connected with the AC seen in the current sensing circuit.

If you'll recall, I pushed to get probes that are specifically made for current but Rosemary stopped that cold by stating we had imposed on the good graces of our suppliers much too much already. I am convinced that the wire inductance is a large factor in why our battery voltage shows transitions from 24 volts down to 7 volts in the data dumps. I just don't think the batteries themselves are loading that far, it has to be a voltage drop across the wire impedance.

If this is the desired effect she is looking for, then I suggest to keep the lead wires as short as is physically possible and simply add an inductive choke in series with them with a value engineered to produce the effect. At least that way you will be working with known values and the effects will be predictable and able to be easily simulated.

BTW - this thread is currently not viewable by the public - I don't know who is in charge of correcting that.

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