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Originally Posted by HiggsBoson View Post
Thanks everyone I've had this idea for years but most people I've mentioned it to have shrugged thier shoulders and said something like " I dunno"

It's good to get a bit of intelligent feedback.
I have a background in mechanical engineering and refrigeration so I know it is a viable idea but as rickoff stated the key seems to be the fine control of the critical temps.
I talked about a piston type engine to begin the discussion but a rotary or turbine type engine would certainly be more efficient.

I have also had an idea of freezing a piece of metal with LN and having it connected to a levered mechanism to transmit the force as the metal returns to room temp.
Frozen metal shrinks (per inch) from around 1.8 thousandths of an inch up to about 4.5 thou for magnesium.
A hard enough piece of metal ie steel alloy could develop many tonnes(even in the hundreds or thousands) of force without much distortion as it thaws albeit over a very short distance.(I'm just using tonnes to keep it simple)
The device could have an automatic adjuster to remove backlash and almost all the expansion force could be harnessed and then multiplied in distance moved with a system of levers. There would be a loss of force but some mean could be arrived at producing a usable force over a good range.
Would the energy consumed generating the LN exceed the energy produced by this pie in the sky ?
Any ideas, criticism ?
I'm just happy to finally have someone to bounce ideas off.
I know exactly how you feel and what you are saying, I have thrown out some thoughts on other forums and received the same automatic rejection or in most cases no comments at all.
I have settled on propane as liquid of choice, as it will perform the same action and it is much less of a pressure risk.

I'll add some more information later, when I have some time.

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