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Originally Posted by rickoff View Post
Strange that you seem to find anyone else's point of view so hilarious. While you are rolling around on the floor, tut, you might consider this:
1. In a truly efficient LN2 system, a large tank would not be necessary. None of the Nitrogen would be wasted to the atmosphere. All would be recovered and returned to the Dewar container for reuse over and over, which means that a relatively small container would be sufficient.
2. The spark plug of an ICE provides an ignition source to enable the gasoline/air mixture to burn, but not explode. I know that a great many people consider this to be an explosion, but it is simply a rapid burning - and not all that rapid at that. Gasoline engines are notoriously poor at burning fuel, and this results in a relatively slow and incomplete burn. The slowness of the burn is the reason why the spark timing must be advanced several degrees before top dead center on the compression stroke, and this slowness results in much of the fuel being exhausted from the cylinder before it has a chance to burn. That unburned fuel is then wastefully burned in the catalytic converter. A true explosion, such as produced by gunpowder or TNT, requires a high velocity reaction, and this rapidity of reaction is what distinguishes an explosion reaction from a combustion reaction. Referring to an ignited gasoline/air mixture in an ICE as an explosion is a misnomer, just as is the often used reference of "motor" when referring to a gas engine. Just because millions of people use that term does not make it correct. Notice that the acronym ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine, not Internal Explosion Engine. There's a difference, and the ICE was properly named.

Rick.. probably LN2 can be reused BUT MUST BE FILTERED and .. what is the cost for cryogenic Dewar container and maintenance?? My suggestion is that you have think more simple.. however standard engines works for an combustion/explosion reaction inside chambre of combustion.. of course we don't use TNT but only gasoline and air in that way you have moderate explosion.. about timing.. is true that gasoline have large molecules and you need spark timing advanced some degree for burn that but..... if you ionize air and create neutral ions reaction inside chambre of combustion is more fast.. that is possible because nitrogen contained into air is an inert gas and in fact an dielectric.. when air is ionized and neutral ions are formed air appear as conductive and all reaction inside chambre is accelerated.. that is new input gift..

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