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Originally Posted by tutanka View Post
You need explosive mixture if you want power from your engine, you need explosion not only an simple expansion of gas. Regards
That's not qute correct, Tutanka. First of all, gasoline engines use a mixture of gasoline and atmoshpheric air, which does not explode when ignited. It only burns rapidly (and not as rapidly as other flammable substances) while producing an expanding gaseous column. Secondly, the conversion of liquid Nitrogen to its gaseous state is not at all a "simple expansion." When so converted, the gas rapidly expands to a volume of 694 times that of its liquid state. Furthermore, a relatively small change in temperature is all that is required to change state from liquid to gas, or back to a liquid again. At atmospheric pressure, Nitrogen will boil to its gaseous state at -196 degrees celsius, while it will freeze to a solid if cooled just 14 more degrees. Best of all, pressurization is not necessary for storing liquid Nitrogen, although pressure can be added when required to maintain the liquid state. The only requirement for storage and transport of LN2 is use of a suitably insulated Dewar container. Surely anyone would recognize the possibilities for use of Nitrogen or Nitrogen derivatives in an ICE or turbine if proper consideration is given as to the properties of Nitrogen.

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