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I was doing a search for growth hormone. It had to do with what brainwave growth hormone was produced at. "And I recalled where it was." Binaural Beats - Brainwave Entrainment - Brainwaves post 54

But I came across another post and this is what I really felt like was worth adding to this thread. Not New, but Amazing I wanted to copy and paste everything from this page, but I refrained. Although I'm gonna copy a little bit back over here.

The average percentage of time spent in slow wave sleep in early adulthood is 18.9 % compared to the average percentage of 3.4% during mid-life. post 1


The main reason people shrink up as they grow older is that their body is not producing as much growth hormone as it did in their 20's.

Not only does skin lose its elasticity, bones shrink, organs shrink, basically the production/repair of cells is less and less near the optimum. Sort of like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, etc.

Some people take supplements to boost their own growth hormone production. Some people take synthetic growth hormone (which can have serious negative side effects).

Obviously the best source of growth hormone is ones own body. The production occurs during deep sleep...but as stated above, there is built into our bodies a program to produce less and less, thus aging occurs.
post 3

Also in doing a search for spirulina one of the posts on one of the threads, it spoke of how the body heals itself during the delta brainwaves which we naturally go into during sleep. Here's a quote, from that page, Then the last thing before brushing the teeth before going to bed and turning out the lights is to take some spirulina. When the stomach is empty right before bed and you're not eating any food, take some with 8 oz of water and it is VERY VERY absorbable. There is a benefit here. The body repairs itself most in deep DELTA sleep and the brain gets in that state about 4-6 times throughout the night in every sleep stage that repeats. In that state, the body can use the spirulina to help build some muscle isn't a large volume of protein but because of the absorbability, it is useful. PATHS and Spirulina post number 1
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