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Tests 17 - 22 Data Analysis

Hi All,

I have made a 7 part video series to discuss some factors of tests 17 - 22 and have uploaded them to you-tube.

Mosfet Heater Tests 17 - 22 Data Analysis

Please note that these files are all available to anyone who wishes to have a copies of them. This includes the Access Application program that I wrote to help analyze the the 100,000 sample data-sets. It is a work in progress as you will see in the videos, but it is available for your use.

Also available (see link above by Glen) is the Tektronix OpenChoice Desktop program which I briefly show in Part 7. This program does much more than I demonstrate, but I do not have a scope here right now, perhaps Glen can show some of that when he is able to get another one in the future - soon I hope.

If there are any questions regarding these tests please ask Glen as he performed them and I don't even know what his parameters were at that time. If you have any questions regarding these videos or the software I used in this analysis please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.


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