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Smile Thank you!

Thank you Ted and Aaron.

As you know Aaron, once I got the thing functional with two circuits and started having a COP of 1.00+ I just concentrated on tuning it/experimenting to get the best COP I could.

Shamus, Aaron or Ted or ?, may correct me, but if I recall I did NOT start seeing any significant COP of 1+ until AFTER my batteries were conditioned. This takes about 20-30 charge/discharge cycles.

Another thing...I am sure it is because my wheel is not perfectly balanced, and because they are cheap bicycle bearings, but I found that the best RPM for my setup is between 295 and 300.

I can get the RPM up to 900+, but when I do that the ratio of energy expended to energy captured in the charging batteries is not as beneficial COP wise.

Of course, every setup is different.

There are so many factors in tuning the charger-here is a list of just a few of the variables that I constantly played with:

Distance of magnets on wheel from coil
Making sure all the wires from the coil to the different connections were the same length and as straight as possible.
Experimenting with different gauge wire leading to the charging battery
Getting the voltage spikes as clean as possible on the oscilloscope
There is more, but those are the biggies that I can remember right now.

Adam, regarding plugging into AC...that seems like oil and water to me...Aaron can correct me if I am wrong, but the energy "captured" by the SG is not able to be measured in a typical manner and is specifically usable by batteries.

Oh Shamus, btw, I started out using the little gel cell 12 volt batteries from Radio Shack...everything worked fine on those, but I soon changed to full size deep cycle 12 volt batteries for the majority of my testing.

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