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I must be coming back into tune. I've skimmed this info on rock dust sometime last year. But last night I was going through all the links and reading all these posts. Then when I woke up it was the first thing on my mind. "Get on the computer and bring this thread back to the top, by asking any question I could think of. LOL" And lo and behold it's already back to the top.

The thoughtless question I was gonna ask was about produce size. From the remineralize the earth site it appears that the produce grows huge.? Have you all been noticing this? I was thinking of experimenting with pyramid shapes to change the produce size, but then began reading about rock dust. I may still try the pyramid thing though. Also if anyone is interested in this question. Is she holding a beet with the greens removed on this site? REMINERALIZE THE EARTH - Home Typically it's the first picture that pops up.

I also recall reading about not needing the use of pesticides and such because no pests will bother the produce. Is this simply from the rock dust in the ground? I thought I recalled reading on the remineralize the earth site something about putting some rock dust in water and spraying it on the produce?

What about trees and pesticides? My grandma sprays her fruit orchard EVERY year with pesticides. I asked her if I could take care of it this year and to cancel the chemical spray visits. She sounds like she's gonna let me. But I was thinking of using compost tea and applying it every two-three weeks. It would be much more convenient to just apply the rock dust and only need to do it once. Has anyone some experience in using rock dust on fruit trees? And did the pests stay away from the trees? Could I just apply it to the ground or should I also make a spray and spray the trees? Should I also use the compost tea if I use the rock dust spray?

How would I apply the rock dust to the fruit orchard? I can't rototill it into the ground because I don't wanna till up all those roots. Or can I? Spray on the ground? Just sprinkle it on the ground?

I also intend to apply the rock dust to the lawn, because that's another thing that's sprayed EVERY year. Sometimes twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. I definately can't rototill the lawn. What would be the best way to apply it to the lawn? Rock dust spray? Or just put a light coating on the lawn?

I know I have TONS of questions. But I wanna get it right the first year so that my grandma says, "WOW", and never wants to use chemicals again.

I'm really anxious and excited to try the rock dust. It'll be the first year I have somewhere to grow a garden.
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