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Hi Higgs,

I've used rock dust in my garden too and some sea agri salt as well. It is
modified to have the optimum pH from what I understand and is a little
different than celtic sea salt or similar even though places flooded with
sea salt water or ocean water have flourished afterwards when everyone
thought it was going to do the opposite.

I have had lettuce in my garden last for 4-5 months literally with zero
spoilage and it is just as crispy after that time as it was just grown. And
this is through the entire hot summer and into fall. As long as the garden
is watered, that stuff just stays naturally preserved in the ground.
I've had some carrots last just as long.

I don't use any bug killers, etc...
because there aren't any bugs. Only the sunflowers had some ear wigs
and they don't even bother the seeds - only the pesky squirrels do that!
The only bug prevention I use is a nano-colloidal organic soap + water mix
I spray on the plants because it is a water wetter but it does keep off
bugs, even though it isn't needed for that.

First post in this thread:
The Survival of Civilization by John Hamaker & Donald Weaver
There is a free pdf of bread from stone for anyone that wants it.

I also use biochar and michorryzal fungus in my soil. Through this winter,
I take the charred wood (not ash) if there is any char in the stove in
the morning and throw it on top of my garden. Soon, I'll simply till it in.
Aaron Murakami

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