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John Bedini Group Comments
Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
For anyone who has not been involved with the Bedini SG group that was recently closed, I compiled the messages from John Bedini as he was posting them. I only have this from The end of Feb until a few days ago and it has a lot of valuable information that he has never really discussed openly before.

This link is the PDF: John Bedini SG yahoo group comments , it is 91 pages

It might take a few hours to go through this, but if you want to learn about the SG, it is best to hear straight from John.
I have re-enabled this document since it rightfully belongs in the public
domain as it ALREADY is in the public domain since every message is from
the Bedini SG yahoo group.

John Bedini SG here it is, 91 pages pdf.

I removed this document quickly after accusations came up that I copied
the posts from a private group, which actually never happened. Any
messages that were originally in a private group and were placed into this
document is because John placed them into the public Bedini SG group
himself. Therefore, I took them from the public group and placed it into
this document.

There is a lot of good information in this document that I would recommend
that anyone read this document that is interested in the SG.
Aaron Murakami

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