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sg and free spinning wheel

Hey Kevin,

Ditto to Ted's answer.

Also, another thing to throw into the mix Shamus is that when the circuit is in resonance (you can usually hear and see the wheel speed up really quick like shifting gears), it is fast enough at that point that the "scalar south" between the north faces on magnets are ATTRACTED to the NORTH field on the coil pulse. At that time, the wheel is spinning for FREE! That is a good one to meditate on.

The sg seems to only take power because there is back emf on the on pulse for a small blip of time and that is it.

Before the circuit is in resonance (with rotor), it takes more power to charge an electromagnetic coil against a magnet with an opposing field. But a south field in between the norths actually helps pull that north field out of the coil easier! This is how I see it at least but no matter how it is seen, the wheel spins for free and the charging of the coil has it's own loss but that isn't what powers the wheel.
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