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Exclamation !!! Holy Smokes Batman !!!

Sometimes things just stare you in the face and you don't realize the implications until much later, when the connection finally manifests itself to you in a form so clear that you wonder why you didn't see it before.

All of this arose because I was thinking of Rick Freidrich and the struggles he's gone through trying to convince people of what they had with the SSG. And the problem probably stemmed from the fact that most people don't have any understanding of conventional electronics theory--they just built the things, connecting the parts as shown in the schematic, and didn't really think all that much about it.

So in the midst of pondering this, all of the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Take a look at the picture and circled part. The way the diode is hooked up means that absolutely no current will flow at any time according to conventional EM theory. The positive from the charging battery is blocked by virtue of being connected to the cathode of the diode coming off of the power coil! So simple! Yet so diabolically clever!

The way that diode sits in the circuit (again, according to conventional theory) means that it's basically an open short--you could remove the diode and battery completely because they have absolutely no path where a current can flow through them!

After going through several charge/discharge cycles, you have to wonder just what is charging the battery? 'Cause it sure ain't electrons!
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