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Redirect from - COP 17 Heater | Rosemary Ainslie | Part 2

So. I think I've covered the main postulates needed to relate this to the 'extra energy' that I've pointed to and that has also been proven in the experimental evidence. From hereon I'll mainly refer to the conclusions of the model rather than the thinking that led to the conclusions. The model actually now goes into a justification for composites of these magnetic dipoles making stable particles and I will spare you the arguments as they are only relevant to the possible proof of these proposals to the field model. This, because it was possible to explain the difference in the size ratios of the proton to the electron.

To start with - I have proposed that the magnetic field is hidden. We cannot see it. We can only see how particles and various other matter react to it. I've then proposed that, in point of fact the field may comprise particles and that these particles move in a field and that they move at velocities in excess of light speed. When they lose the integrity of the field they become manifest in our dimensions and they lose their velocity at the expense of their invisibility. But what exactly are they? And how can I prove this?