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I acknowledge that I've made some extraordinary leaps of logic. We do not know that the universe is toroidal or that it is structured by strings of magnetic dipoles. There may, in fact, be no associative relationship to nebulae with this 'background' structure. But I am only suggesting 'what if'? And - along these lines of argument - I am then proposing that, in as much as we can see nebulae - we can even determine if they comprise mostly iron, or hydrogen, or space dust - or anything at all. Whole stars have been seen spinnng away from those clouds, clearly having been manufactured from inside the nebula which seems to be some vast, really vast collection of disassociated matter - a kind of farm, or seeding ground of suns and maybe even whole galaxies.

Back to the question. What then makes this matter visible and readable while the magnetic field, assuming that there is one in the background, remains entirely invisible?

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